Luma - Membership/Course Template for Framer

🔥 Introducing Luma - Most Powerful Membership Template for Framer

Luma is the First ever Framer Template that allows you to quickly Sell multiple Courses and your Membership Content.

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Create impressive membership sites effortlessly with Framer using Luma. Benefit from seamless integration with FramerAuth and LemonSqueezy for quick setup and easy selling. Delight your audience with exceptional design and learning opportunities. Experience it today for a seamless journey into stunning membership site creation!

Key Features of Luma:

  • 15+ Unique Pages

  • FramerAuth Integration

  • LemonSqueezy Integration

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 2 CMS Collections (Courses & Lessons)

  • Fully Responsive

  • A Beautiful Full-Screen Mobile Menu

  • Stunning Functionalities & Effects

  • A Modern Dark Design with 3D Touch

  • And a lot more

FramerAuth is required for membership features & is purchased separately.

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